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ANPR PC Ltd Permit-Based Parking with (optional) Enforcement

If your organisation has a car park for its staff and visitors you no doubt use an in-house 'permit' system to identify that it is being used by authorised personnel only.

Some organisations are unlucky in terms of the convenience of their car park to 'unauthorised' users who find it useful for a trip to the local shops or even a railway station!

We can help in this situation by providing a web-based permit management system which may be used to hold the details of the vehicles owned by staff and approved visitors. This facility makes it easy for reception staff to manage the details of authorised users either as temporary (visitor) or permanent (staff) users. The system will allow paper permits to be printed for windscreen use if required, alternatively, the web portal may be accessed using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to check the vehicle registrations of vehicles not thought to be authorised. This enables staff to either:

  1. leave a paper 'warning notice' on the offending vehicle, OR
  2. leave a paper 'parking charge notice' on the offending vehicle (if this option has been agreed with ANPR PC Ltd), OR
  3. upload 2 photographs, the vehicle registration number, and an offence code to our web-portal using a smartphone or tablet in order to start the enforcement process (if this option has been agreed with ANPR PC Ltd)

As a parking provider, you will benefit from:

There are many other permutations which (not discussed here) which could be of value to your organisation. If you would like more information about our 'Permit-Based Parking with (optional) Enforcement' system, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you with further information.