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Residents parking permits
Apply for a resident parking permit, renew or register changes to your resident parking permit.

Temporary residents parking permit
Apply for a temporary one month residents parking permit.

Visitor parking permits
Visitor permits are available to residents, businesses, contractors and sub-contractors who are based, or carrying out work within, a controlled parking zone.

Business parking permits
Business permits are available to any business based within a controlled parking zone.

School parking permits
School permits are for parents or guardians dropping off or collecting children from schools that are located within any of the controlled parking zones.

Off street car park season ticket
The annual car park season ticket allow a vehicle to park all day within one of the Council run car parks.

Pay for off street parking
Loading and unloading on yellow lines (Parking dispensations) A parking dispensation is required to permit a vehicle to park at a restricted location (a yellow line or a parking bay) for a specified time period.

Blue Badges
Blue Badges: Parking permits for disabled people The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme for disabled people with severe mobility problems and who have difficulty using public transport.

Blue Badges for organisations
The Blue Badge scheme for organisations provides a national range of parking concessions for organisations who have clients with severe mobility problems and who have difficulty using public transport. Parking bays for disabled people Disabled parking bays help disabled people who drive themselves and need to park as close to their property as possible.

Controlled Parking Zones
A controlled parking zone in a street or area where parking is organised in order to help residents park their vehicles.

Suspended bays (Parking suspensions)
A parking suspension is required to restrict parking in signed and marked parking bays In Controlled Parking Zones and other places where parking bays and yellow lines are marked on the street.

Parking Enforcement
Parking in front of drive ways (dropped kerbs) Obstructing any vehicle crossover or other dropped kerb is unlawful therefore ANPRPC Enforcement Officers can issue a Parking Charge Notice.