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Our Automatic Number Plate Parking Control System enable us to offer a flexible approach to parking control based on the recognition of vehicles entering and leaving a parking facility.

For example, a car park may offer free parking for 2 hours, but then a charge may be levied. If users overstay, but do not pay the fee locally our system can be used to send a parking charge notice to the registered keeper.

Our ANPR system can also be used in scenarios where parking is only for registered users (ie. staff, students, etc). Our system includes a facility to manage a 'registered user' database. If the ANPR software detects user by a non-registered vehicle a parking charge notice will be issued to the registered keeper.

There are many other permutations which (not discussed here) which could be of value to your organisation. If you would like more information about our 'Automatic Number Plate Parking Control System', please complete our contact form and we will get back to you with further information.